Founder & Instructor

Los Angeles, CA, USA

A specialist in digital strategy, branding and marketing for musicians for over a decade, Hisham launched ArtistPro to offer an affordable and hands-on alternative for independent and emerging musicians to acquire the skills and tools needed to build the profitable creative career of their dreams.

Full bio: hishamdahud.com


Artist Development

Orange County, CA, USA

Nik Cherwink has been helping develop artists for over 11 years, both professionally and personally. From doing PR at Capitol Records, to managing internationally touring DJs, to serving as the Industry Advisor at ICON Collective, he has helped countless artists achieve success in the music business and climb the ranks of the industry. He is also a professional life coach that works one-on-one with people to help them grow as individuals and find true fulfillment along their journey. 


Artist Development

Brooklyn, New York, USA

As a former instructor at ICON Collective and The Art Institute, Stu has guided hundreds of students towards reaching their maximum potential in music. With 15 years in the music industry, along with an MBA in business development, his past experiences have ranged from ghost producing for top talent to helping independent artists develop the business side of their brand.

As a producer, Stu has over 10+ million plays on multiple Spotify hits and has had DJ gigs around the world. Known for a very diverse production style, his work has been heard in pop, house, urban, and even country music. Recently, he wrapped up a 3 year record deal with Global Publishing, shifting focus back toward developing up and coming talent.

“There is no limit to the creative potential of music, I think that everything I have learned along my journey was so that I could share my knowledge and passion with others. Let's work together to see just how far this dream can go.”


Artist Development

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Spencer Richard came into the professional world of music as an independent artist in every sense of the word. A composer from a young age, he began pouring himself into his career as a rap-artist and producer under the name SRVENT since 2016. A frequent collaborator, he's found strength in multi-genre producing and co-writing.

He was accepted into ArtistPro at what felt like the perfect time for his career, drastically improving his ability to navigate a challenging industry and connecting him to amazing like-minded artists from around the world. Shortly after completion, he was asked to join the Artist Development team as a trusted point person to source high caliber community members.


Community Manager

North Hollywood, CA, USA

Kevin Mintz is a music producer, audio engineer, and guitarist hailing from Encinitas, California—a small surf town in northern San Diego where he was surrounded music, art, surfing and skateboarding. During his studies at university, he discovered a deep passion for music production and working with audio. Music production very quickly became the main focus in his life, and soon after graduating from university, Kevin moved to Los Angeles where he graduated from ICON Collective Music Production School.

Kevin now works with various artists on production, mixing, mastering, songwriting and more, as well as working on an artist project of his own. As ArtistPro's resident Community Manager, Kevin is a valuable resource with the perfect amount of knowledge, experience and collaborative spirit to ensure the best possible experience for our students.


Instagram: @kevinmintz