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ArtistPro is an online program that places you, the music creator, in the role of Founder of your own company—allowing you to deep dive into the roots of your creative business. 

It is designed to clarify and unify your creative vision with your professional ambitions... and then employ the skills needed to get it out in the world. 

In today's digital world, all the tools and resources you need to distinguish yourself, locate your audience and run a business are at your fingertips. ArtistPro was designed to take a musician to the artist level; from anonymous to professional.

From dreamer... to Founder.

And here's how.


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Friday, November 22nd


PHASE 1: Musician—to Artist

Artist Brand Construction, Messaging and Content Strategy

WEEK 1   The Power of the Artist Brand—Building Blocks

WEEK 2   Serving Your Brand—Elements and Articulation

WEEK 3   Crafting Your Messages—Advanced Content Strategy

WEEK 4   Show Your Work (Part I)—Group Presentation and Peer Review

PHASE 2: Anonymous—to Professional

Digital Marketing, Fan Acquisition and Retention

WEEK 5   Building the Funnel—Digital Marketing Essentials

WEEK 6   Using the Funnel—Audience Segmentation and Retention

WEEK 7   In Data We Trust—Fan Acquisition via Targeted Advertising

WEEK 8   Show Your Work (Part II)—Group Presentation and Peer Review

PHASE 3: Dreamer—to Founder

Music Business Mechanics, Personal Branding and Leadership

WEEK 9     The Machine—The Modern Music Industry

WEEK 10   The Founder—Becoming Memorable and Remarkable

WEEK 11   The Team—Doing It Yourself(ves)

WEEK 12   Show Your Work (Part III)—Final Group Presentation and Peer Review

ALSO included

Access to your instructor for one-on-one advice throughout the program

Access to private chat servers with past/present participants

Supplemental materials and exercises delivered each week

Discounts to preferred partner sites, tools and platforms

On-demand video recordings for repeat viewing

Discussion Notes delivered with each meeting

Detailed Action Items each week


Monday, December 2nd

Application Deadline

Monday, November 25th

meet your instructor


is a practicing digital brand strategist, musician and the Founder & CEO of ArtistPro—a program for music creators that combines education with an action-oriented approach to career development.

Hisham developed ArtistPro to equip emerging artists with the tools and information needed to thrive in today’s music industry, rather than only consult and advise them. During his time as an educator, he realized just how little time was spent on developing range—diversifying skills in key areas beyond music that actually gets artists ahead in today’s crowded marketplace—and how so many educational programs continually sacrifice quality for quantity. He felt compelled to change the game.

ArtistPro is an online curriculum designed to place the musician in the role of Founder of their company, which allows them to deep dive into the roots of their creative business. It is designed to clarify and unify a creative vision with their professional ambitions, and then employ the skills needed to get it out in the world. The program exists within a growing community of ArtistPro alumni, consisting of career-driven and like-minded individuals around the world from a diverse range of musical styles, scenes and communities.

Hisham believes in being the architect of your own life and career… and he and his ArtistPro team are there to help guide you.

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