Some talents go unrecognized.


ArtistPro is an educational and developmental brand hyper-focused on empowering music artists to become creative founders of their own enterprises.

The mission is simple: 

Unify an artist’s creative and professional vision by implanting marketing expertise, business acumen & leadership principles to build the career they want.  

In today's digital world, all the tools and resources a creative needs to distinguish themselves, locate their audience and run a business are at their fingertips. ArtistPro was designed to take a musician to the artist level; from anonymous to professional.

From dreamer... to founder.

12-WEEK live

interactive training

Self-Management and Productivity 

Brand Development and Narrative Formation

Content Strategy and Management

Advanced Digital Marketing Techniques

Fan Acquisition and Retention

Active and Passive Revenue Strategies

Music Release Plans (That Work)

Music Business History, Projections and Operations

Team Attraction, Assembly and Leadership

Business Owner / Founder Principles

...and more.


Taught in realtime via semi-private group instruction


A requirement of all ArtistPro students before taking 

the full curriculum, offered at no charge to anyone

interested in experiencing the program.


Friday, August 23rd

PHASE 1: Musician—to Artist

Artist Brand Construction, Messaging and Content Strategy

WEEK 1   The Power of the Artist Brand—Building Blocks

WEEK 2   Serving Your Brand—Elements and Articulation

WEEK 3   Crafting Your Messages—Advanced Content Strategy

WEEK 4   Show Your Work—Group Presentation and Peer Review

PHASE 2: Anonymous—to Professional

Digital Marketing, Fan Acquisition/Retention and Revenue Generation

WEEK 5   Building the Funnel—Digital Marketing Essentials

WEEK 6   Using the Funnel—Audience Segmentation and Retention

WEEK 7   In Data We Trust—Fan Acquisition via Targeted Advertising

WEEK 8   Show Me the Money—Monetization Strategies

PHASE 3: Dreamer—to Founder

Music Business Mechanics, Personal Branding and Leadership

WEEK 9     The Machine—The Modern Music Industry

WEEK 10   The Founder—Becoming Memorable and Remarkable

WEEK 11   The Team—Doing It Yourself(ves)

WEEK 12   Pro Review—3P Group Presentation and Peer Review

ALSO included

Access to your instructor for one-on-one advice throughout the program

Access to private chat servers with past/present participants

Supplemental materials and exercises delivered each week

Discounts to preferred partner sites, tools and platforms

On-demand video recordings for repeat viewing

Discussion Notes delivered with each meeting

Detailed Action Items each week



Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 28

15 students per group maximum

meet your instructor


is a music professional in Los Angeles with over a decade of industry-leading experience as a digital brand strategist, technologist, musician and educator.

A product of San Francisco’s music tech scene, he began in the early days of direct-to-fan marketing working with the legendary DJ Shadow. He went on to help launch Fame House with Michael Fiebach, one of the music industry’s earliest digital marketing agencies for clients like Eminem, Tiësto, Pearl Jam, Alicia Keys, Richie Hawtin, Junkie XL, Beatport and others. The company was later purchased by Universal Music.

Today he works as a consultant for select music clients ranging from artists, labels, brands and tech companies. He also lectures adjunctly at the renowned Icon Collective. Remaining an artist himself, he continues to compose music under the alias Rizik.

Hisham created ArtistPro out of an intense desire to equip a new generation of informed, business-minded music artists utilizing the digital tools of the modern era to build profitable creative careers so they can live a life of personal, professional and creative fulfillment.

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